ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Patrick Braxton

7:11 PM, May 12, 2011   |    comments
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He's a scoring machine on the soccer field and a math whiz in the classroom. With credentials like that, Athlete of the Week honors are definitely in order.

Patrick Braxton is happy-go-lucky as he walks the hallways of Houston County High School.

On the pitch, he is just as excited as the starting forward for the Bears playoff soccer team.

Braxton's coach Heath Birch agrees, "He is enthusiastic about the game and really excited. I wish every player we had loved the game like he does. When he's out there, he's 100 percent in the game."

Braxton has been a soccer player since he was three-years-old but admits defense is not his strong suit, but making plays on the offensive front is something he enjoys a lot more.

"Just that my teammates are out there cheering me on, and making sure that we win and stuff. They put me ahead of everybody so that I can help win the game for us and I know they have my back if I mess up," says Braxton.

Braxton has scored 43 goals in his career including 21 this past season and helped lead his team to their third consecutive region championship, but the junior says a part of his leadership took a backseat to this year's senior class.

Braxton adds, "We had Juan Carlos, Erick Douglas, and Jason Webster that were our main leaders and they were our seniors, and they led our team very well. They pushed us through games that we were really close in."

In the classroom, Patrick focuses on getting better with his books the same way he works to perfect his footwork, and his coach says that attitude is the reason why Braxton continues to get better.

Birch explains, "Eligibility and problems in the classroom are things we don't have to worry about. He kind of leads the way with that."

Patrick has set goals for next year as a senior. Improving his GPA and a hopeful state finals appearance are just a few, and he plans to score big.

Braxton and the Bears finished with a record of 14-4-2.

They lost in the second round playoffs to Greenbriar 3-1. Braxton had the only Bear goal in that game.

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