Day Trip Destination: Ocmulgee National Monument

10:25 AM, Jun 23, 2011   |    comments
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The Ocmulgee National Monument gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of the native people who occupied the land years ago.

"It's a great place to bring families, you can picnic here, walk trails, of course one thing is nice we're free," says Ocmulgee National Monument Superintendent, Jim David.

He says there are thousands of years of history on the grounds and people come from all over to experience it. 

"We get people here from all fifty states usually 34 or 40 foreign countries every year so you never know when you're out here who you're going to run into," says David.

Patterns in the pottery are used to determine the time period.  Arrowheads and clothing are also displayed inside.

David says the most popular site at the park is the Ceremonial Earth Lodge. "The inside is a thousand year old floor where fifty people of this society would have met and made the decisions about this place. And while there are other places around the country where you can see mounds, this is the only place that they found this earth lodge in the condition where it can be opened up and seen."

Visitors can also take a walk on one of the six and a half miles of hiking trails. Along the trails sit Indian mounds and the Great Temple Mound.

"It was built if you can imagine a basket load of soil at a time people had to carry a basket load and pile this thing up fifty-five feet high. It's a lot of work," says David.

The Ocmulgee National Monument is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and will host workshops for children every Wednesday in July. 

Children ages 7-12 can enjoy a day full of painting Native American Jewelry, making pottery, and learning the culture. Spaces are limited and to reserve a spot for your child call the Ocmulgee National Monument at (478) 752-8257 ext. 219.

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