Macon Police Officer Suspended for Changing Citations

7:23 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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A Macon Police officer served a three-day suspension without pay for changing citations issued by other officers without telling them. That's according to Macon Police records.

They say the department's disciplinary board first decided to suspend Investigator Dennis Terry for 10 days, but Deputy Chief Mike Carswell reduced that.

The records show that late last year the department investigated reports that Terry went to municipal court to change citations to warnings, and signed other officers' names on the tickets.

Terry admitted to doing that in a statement on October 11, and said he did it to help confidential informants who provided information on other cases.

In his three minute Internal Affairs interview several days later, he said he changed citations about four or five times, and that he did not receive any personal gain for doing it.

He told the investigating officer that he received information from several victims of an armed robbery, and they asked if he could help them out with some tickets.

Two officers said they did not authorize Terry to change the tickets.

Police records show that Terry admitted making the changes with out informing the issuing officers and apologized for not following procedures.

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