Dozens Take Anti-Texting Pledge at CGTC as New Law Takes Effect

5:29 PM, Jul 1, 2010   |    comments
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On the day before a new state law took effect today, AT&T asked people to sign a no-texting-while-driving pledge.

The company sponsored a rally in support of the state's new anti-texting law Wednesday at Central Georgia Technical College.

The new law says that anyone texting, surfing the web, or instant messaging while driving can be pulled over and given a $150 fine.

Fifteen-year-old Bailey Vincent says she just got her learner's permit a month ago, and signing this pledge is a reminder to stay off her phone when she's behind the wheel.

"When I get in that car, I put the phone in the back seat. I don't want to deal with it because it really is serious." Says Vincent.

And for young drivers like Vincent, texting while driving is especially serious.

"I'm a constant texter," says Vincent.

She says that teens everywhere need to know that that text message can wait -- it's not that important.

Deputy Chief Mike Carswell tells us that there may be a grace period for the new texting ban.

"We'll maybe stop and give a person a courtesy warning the first time while we're waiting on this period and for people to get used to what the law requires and what we expect."

A different law bans drivers under 18 to use their phones at all-including making phone calls, unless it is an emergency.

AT&T's pledge only focuses on texting when driving.

When AT&T's regional director Terry Smith was asked if he thought it was a good idea to include a no-talking pledge for adolescent drivers, he said it seemed like a good idea, but their company was not focusing on that.



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