Warner Robins Reacts to Found Missing Boy

7:49 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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People living along Kimberly Road where 10-year-old Kit Colburn was found safe say they're relieved, and surprised that the fifth-grader was so close-by during his disappearance.

"To find out that he was found two houses down from my house is unbelievable," says Joyce McDaniel.

McDaniel lives near where Colburn was found and Mayor Chuck Shaheen says it was right around the corner from the command center.

"Just right down the street he'd been hiding in the bushes," says Mayor Chuck Shaheen.

Around 9:45 Thursday morning, three days into the search, and Dan McCown had just started his work spraying for pests. "We were coming down the wall over here and spraying behind the hedges and as we sprayed behind the hedges he popped up," says McCown.

He says he thought it was animal in the bushes until he saw Kit stand up.

"He was real timid. He was shaking, so I kind of put my hands around his shoulder and I said, 'Let's go in the house get you something to drink. Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? So we took him into the house and sat him down."

Tuesday night, Warner Robins Police said they wanted Colburn to know he wasn't in trouble and McDaniel says volunteers called out for him.

"All of the people that were looking for him were yelling out Kit, Kit, you're not in any trouble," says McDaniel.

She says her granddaughter goes to Colburn's school and says she's not surprised he was able to walk out of the school because the fifth grade building isn't connected to the main building.

"If he came out the door all he had to do was turn right and walk a short distance and he'd be gone," says McDaniel.

She says she hopes it will be a lesson to the school to make improvements.

Principal Keith Lauritsen says the back door to the fifth grade building doesn't have a surveillance camera.

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